Our Vision is to give birth to a new circle of Life in Africa, based on its own roots, culture, resources and values ! To Shape Africa onto the best Continent for both Living and doing business. To create a virtuous circle where everyone is aware, conscious and looking forward to having a growing and positive  social and economical impact on both people and environment on a daily basis. Because Growth and Progress are the path toward a better future.
The Shapers Investors is launch to :
  • Create a dynamic that will enable ALL generations to work together toward the same goal in a powerful way, impacting the social and economical environment of Africa.
  • Inspire Entrepreneurs, mentors and investors to work closely together to create and sustain growth and wealth for a better living experience for ALL in the continent. 
  • Source, mentor and finance future African champions that will leverage all other actors of their sectors to create an emulation and culture of excellence in the entire continent…

The audacity to undertake is the audacity to take risks. Innovation is part of our DNA, we encourage and support our entrepreneurs, our companies in the development of their development strategies and projects in Africa

People are the heart and soul of our business.

Know how to recover from a failure, resist the temptation to give up. Know how to stand out. We believe in  the sharing and pooling of knowledges. That is why we are continually strive to provide you a quality support, high potential resources for growing your team to achieve your goals

We genuily empower our partners to make difference and we believe in the power of working  together

We do what is right. We are honest and ethical, worthy of the trust of others. It’s a price to be part of our community

We do what we say and we say what we do.

We act honorably and hold ourselves accountable for our words, attitudes and actions.



It all start with a Vision…you already heard about that quote… So for me it all started with this vision of myself acting untiringly toward the development and the Shaping of the African continent. This Africa, our Africa who saw me born and who have always been calling me since…

2015, will be the year of
reflection, or more commonly known as the “time to think”.

 It when I really started to realize that the development of the continent will inevitably pass
through the emancipation of women and their empowerment. Thus, to deepen those

I decided to participate /
intervene in conferences having a direct link with women, Africa and funding.
During this period and during a conference I attended in the National Assembly,
I met Agnes Fourcade, the founder of the Women Business Angels network and well
known speaker. 



Subsequently, there followed other fortuitous meetings during which I could benefit from her precious advices on the creation of my own network of Business Angels turned towards Africa.

2017 was the year of realization or “time to act” on this beautiful project which I was holding on my hear.

With a friend to whom I had spoken about my project, we decided to co-create this network which was born under the name “The Sisters Invest” and for which the hatching was relatively short. 

Because believing in your Dream will always be the most Powerful driving force for any entrepreneur.

I kept on believing…In December 2019 I met with an old friend I lost track with those last 10 years…This meeting with Orphée Massamba, my partner and serial entrepreneur, last year was capital because from this meeting was born a shared vision, a beautiful collaboration, 


a complementary binomial functioning with strong and shared values. Therefore, realizing this need for training and support from our African youth to face an increasingly demanding and extremely competitive world, in 2020 i founded “The Shapers Investors” 

with the ambition of Shaping Africa to become a continent where it is trustworthy to invest, mentor and live while having a strong and positive impact towards both people and environment.Today, our mission is to create wealth for ALL on the Continent by accompanying,

supporting and financing projects with high potential but integrating core values as ethic and sustainable development responsibilities…Africa was still calling me… And I realize I wasn’t the only one to hear the call…So Come join us in this once in a lifetime adventure, 

with the ambition of Shaping Africa to become a continent where it is trustworthy to invest
Let’s Shape our Seeds and create a more Prosperous, Ethic and Responsible Africa for All…